I Wish I Was

Me and my sisters use to be close until they moved out, which ruined my relationship with my parents as well. I'm only close to one of my relatives and that's my Grandma, she's been there for me as long as I can remember. My cousins and I aren't very close because my mom doesn't have a good relationship with her sisters (my aunts) so I never get to see my cousins except for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Same thing with my dad's side if the family, two of his brothers live outta the state so we get to see them about once a year for Christmas. His other brother.... well were not really sure why they never come around but we think it's because my aunt has hard feelings towards us. She never really treats us like family and were not sure why. She treats everybody else like family but us. :(
stoggs032 stoggs032
13-15, F
Aug 23, 2012