Estranged Sister

It's not that I choose to be but it's that they just don't wanna talk to me let alone have anything to do with me on my dad's side and mom's side too, mostly my dad's. I think 95% don't know I exsist anyway. The only family I have is my mom, sister and husband and his family. His family I've met so far has been good to me. But I have this one particular issue with another member of my family, my other sister. I never claim her as my sister cause she's never done anything for me, ever. And our realtionship is like me walking down a road and talking to a stranger passing by. I was never told I had another sister until the night my dad had a stroke. I was excited and scared at the same time. I was excited to learn I had another sister and scared for my dad. I wanted to know her name, what she looked like and everything else. I got to meet her at the hospital. Later on before Christmas my dad finally died from complications from the stroke. Long after that she quit coming around and I hadn't heard from her since. But the whole time she did come around to see dad she just saw him. She never made an atempt to get to know me. And still doesn't till this day. I found out several years later that she done knew about me before I knowed about her. Her and her husband use to take school pictures. They took my preschool pictures and it's strange that I remember what I wore, remembered the building I was in, and mom and dad being there but I didn't remember her. I just wish I knew why I was kept in the dark about her. I work at a nursing home and her husband is over there now. I wash clothes over there, and she'll come back there just to see if she can find some of his missing clothes but she never makes an attempt to get to know me she's more worried about his clothes. Something tells me that the reason why she feels this way is because at one time she was daddy's girl until I came along and I took over and she's jealous of me. And also she's pretty well off as far as money and as far as me I work hard for my money and do the best I can. I don't think we'll ever be close.
tngurl25 tngurl25
26-30, F
Jan 13, 2013