Im going to od on pills and killmyself tonight.
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Sammy are you there?

Hi there, hope everything is well! I'm a new member and happened to read your post, stay strong!!!

No!!!!! Please stop right now. I know you are hurt and I am very hurt too because of the words family members say but I just want to say that I will miss you. Even though I have never met you but I want to say please stay. I am not going to give you a whole lecture but don't take your life, you have to prove all the ************* in the world wrong.

Don't kill yourself. Write a book about your experiences. You can help others see the broken elements of well-intentioned support programs, help them understand how to get over trauma, become an inspiration to others. And you'll make lots of money doing it.

Get out of the house, screw your relatives. Go running. Listen to loud music. Go to a movie. Get drunk, smoke a joint. Get lost in a book. Eat to much of whatever you like. Hug your dog. Hug your neighbors dog. You have way more options than you think. Screw up everything, and enjoy it. Then, find someone to talk to .

Everyone that's on here needs to think about the last sentence he said when he was telling abut stuff in his life because that is explaining his feelings of death on others.....


No, don't do that.

Stop posting **** like that on here. No one wants to see that. See a therapist or something.

So you think he should kill himself?

No that person meant that he should be able to express himself freely, because that's how he is trying to reach out for help, and then they said that he should also think of the people in his life and how basically how would they feel if they lost him to suicide.

That is not supportive that prolly will jus make them wanna do it more, actually I was in that same situation a few days ago where they said the same thing but in a message and I went and attempted so that comment was not helpful at all. Please try and use empathy with others with others situations.

Well it doesn't justify him killing himself. There's no reason why anybody should ever kill themselves.

Sometimes it is the only way to get free.

No it's not gonna solve anything. It's just gonna make those around you miserable. It's a selfish and cowardly act.

Actually I knew someone who had a horrible case of psychosis. Even medication was not helping her. Nothing was. It was hopeless for her to suffer.

How rude of you to say that. You know that doesn't help.

You did not understand what I am trying to say but I do not have to describe anything to you. She was suffering beyond belief. Nothing was helping. After ten years of that.. She could not take it anymore. So do not call me rude when you do not know what went on!

I remember speaking to her and she was in unbearable emotional pain. It is not rude or cruel of me to say that. I cares so deeply for her and I knew she was not able to climb out of it.

Sorry but your comment sounded a little rude. I am sorry I might have misunderstood you

I accept your apology and thank you for apologizing. :) i hope you do understand that I was not saying that suicide is the answer, not at all. But in those really rare cases.. Sometimes it does give them the relief...

I agree completely.

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Please don't. Look I'm in the same situation. Right now, I just want to die. Just please don't. It's hard, I know. But someone out there cares about you. I care.

Yup I am trying to say that same thing........but its not being understood