I'm very good to my family however they don't appreciate everything I do for them. I'm 24 years old my father left me when I was 9. I had a rough childhood my family takes advantage of me. My sisters only come around when they want something. My mother acts like she cares about me but deep down inside she don't. I come from a broken family and I hate this feeling, alone and empty inside. I'm single because I'm traumatized by men being hurt from my past. Any good opinions out there? Please help..
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I understand how you feel. My family is pretty messed up too. I don't have contact with any of them except my older sister and that is maybe once every 6 months. I had to let them go. You don't have to forgive them, but you do have to realize you can't make people love you and then let them go. Push the reset button and get on with your life.

I cut all ties from my family due to they way the treated me.

I've given up with most of my family

Why? If you don't mind me asking

I was split from most of them age 3 when my dad died. I met them aged 14-16 but the bond was broken, had nothing in common. I thought that maybe my brother I could build something with but found him shouting at my son who has Aspergers and panic attacks. No one does that family or not.
I grew up with one sister I get on with her but we both know too much of eachother and we will start arguing.
My mother gave birth but that does not make her a mother. I was abused by her.

I'm really hurt.. I cry myself to sleep most nights because I'm so good to everyone. They're very rude with the way they talk to me and I take it to heart because how does someone have the heart to treat their sibling like that?! Coming from a broken home is really hard... My selfish father got remarried a couple yrs ago and doesn't even bother asking about me... It's messed up because every man that tries to talk to me I shut them down right away can't afford having my heart broken again. I was about to get engaged a couple yrs ago but the love of my life that died over me, cheated on me with my best friends mother that's 50 yrs old.... Life is really rough sometimes but we have to stay strong and have more faith I guess