I need done that's is willing to listen how I feel
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other than my natural mom who I still live with plus my middle brother and his family I am not very close with my relatives either. and this hurts sometimes.

U there

Alright I'm down:)

Thank you first I'm new here how can I post my picture

What phone do you have?

And iPhone 5s

Ok go to your profile on the bottom right corner

Then click the little camera icon at the top left

Hahah I did it thank you

Idk how to start

Mom having a lot off family problems


I'm married but it looks like everything is going down hill

Any luck?

What did you want to talk about?

I mean me not mom sorry

Sorry I'm confused lol

Is ok

I'm just having a lot of problems wit my wife I don't think she wants this anymore

I feel like crap

I bet! Do you have any ideas on how to make things better?

No I don't I have been trying for 3 years but is the same I always try she dosent

Oh gosh man I'm so sorry to hear that! I've been there before, how do you feel?

So we were happy she went to Utah for a week she can back and she say that she is tired off everything and that she needs time idk what made her shange it almost look like if she has some else

Talk to her about it, or what did she say?

I did talked to her she doesn't want to talk she say she need time to see what she wants to do with her life

Idk what to do

Yea I just don't talk to any family I have not friens I'm always working so I have any body to support me or help me

I know I just don't have any body her was all I had

Are you married?

I'm not but I was in a very serious relationship before

I don't have any friends I left everything for her and that's why I need some to talk to I cans do this no more

That doesn't sound good at all man, but it sounds like you were very dedicated! Do you want to move on?

Yes I was I give everything for her

That's what I'm thinking about I need to move on

It sounds like it would be good,

That sounds like it would be good, you deserve someone who appriciates you and wants to be with you and who encourages you to have friends

I just don't have any body to support me

She was all I have

So idk

I am in the same boat, honestly this app is all I got, can you reconnect with your old buddies?

Idk I'm trying

I got to get some sleep, but I'll add you to my circle and be on here a lot so you can atleast have someone to talk to, so sleep good and message me tomorrow if you still feel like this:)

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