My name is Cherrelle Russell. And I Don't have contact with my relatives anymore, and for various of good reasons. I come from a very toxic, abusive , and dysfunctional family. My so called biological father is mean and very evil to the core. He's hated me since I was born. This man physically abused me and my mother, and attempted to physically abuse my half sister, who my mother had by a guy way older than both of them. My mother is famous for being, mentally abusive, physically abusive, verbally abusive, and emotionally abusive. Even though her, my so-called biological dad and his family, my mother's sister's , and my mother's Aunt ( who is a mean old lady who is evil to the core ) have all committed all these types of abuses towards me. I even have a mental disability from being abused by these people growing up in the past. And as a young adult I have even had men in my life who was only around to use me . These dudes treated me awful and they even abused me in various ways including mentally. And I am glad that they are all out of my life now. Life is so much better without them in it. My mother and so called father even had sex with each other while I was in the room when I was a very small girl. they don't know it but that's part of what tramatized me. They told me not to look and I didn't really want to, but a kid doesn't need to be around that or even hear the moaning. My mother has tried everything she can try to push the only man that ever loved me out of my life. Including telling him over the phone that I am mentally unbalanced and that I can't be trusted. Her attempts didn't get successful, because me and that guy still have contact today. My mother's Aunt Lucille even told a new friend that I had just met that I am trouble. Who is this lady to talk ? this woman totally tries to degrade me and put me down every chance she gets. She is a total devil server who is evil to the core. And my mother's sister named Carolyn s totally up my mother's butt. All this woman cares about is my mother and her other sister and their aunt. I don't have contact with any of these people anymore, and neither do I plan to. I have learned the hard way that no contact is the best contact with some people.
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Must be related to me as you just described my family perfectly.

Im sorry you are dealing with that. I have very similar experiences. My only peace has been from blocking them from my life. Its difficult. But with time you will see how much you have grown, free from that bs. It is liberating when you make the choice to just ex them out and make your own way.

You sound like a strong person who has had some traumatic times but survived, well done you