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I Need Your Help...

I recently have in my mind that I may not be the best flirt in the world. (LOL)   I am looking for tips to help me become a more proficient flirter.  If you have any ideas on how I can improve my technique or have any critique of my existing technique please feel free to post. Also if you are looking for tips of your own please post.  Thanks...

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm 41-45, F 54 Responses Aug 30, 2008

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Of course. these were the high quality flirts offering advice lol.

So pleased to read that, fungirlmmm. Do you use any of the tricks listed in my post above? ; )

Oh I think I am a master flirter now.

Some great tips and tricks, posters. Thx!<br />
The sweet girl down the street who flirts mercilessly with me pokes her tongue-tip out between her teeth as she smiles, and shifts her weight from foot to foot as she rotates her hips, and lifts one eyebrow, and twists a strand of hair between her fingertips, and stretches her arms above her head so her top rides up to show her sweet tummy, and tilts her head to one side to exhibit the perfect curve of her neck, and bites her bottom lip, and stretches her long legs and flexes her feet and.... I don't know where they learn this stuff, but it works!<br />
So, fungirlmmm, it's been nearly a year since you posted your story... are you any better at flirting now?

Awe thanks baby! You do it well too. MMMM

You could read the phonebook and my pulse would race and I'd get a tent in my shorts (if i was wearing any). Trust me, flirting is all about attitude and you have IT. ;-)

LOL I have learned a lot since then.

both please.

Wait, first of all are we talking face to face flirting or online flirting?

Oh come now Fungirl... you are a born flirt. And with knees like those, who needs witt and charm anyway... :)

Oh Peter, You seem to be one of the most sincere men I talk to and I just adore you. I genuinely like chatting with you but I am not really good at the guy/girl flirt thing.

And by the way Fungirl, from what I can tell, you do quite a nice job of flirting already. :)

I was never much of a flirt myself. But recently I have discovered something about the subject... What I have learned is that successful flirting is all about your motivation. If your motivation is to try to win someone over or influence them in some way, it won't work very well. People can see right through that.<br />
<br />
Successful flirting come when you are genuinely attempting to lift the spirits of the other person, either by complimenting them or just joking around. Making a person feel good about themself or just plain happy will get you far better results than trying to impress them with your witt or charm... But again, your motivation should be genuine, if not it will be transparant.

Don't talk about gas.

Oh Mikie... I am going to have to spank you next tiem I see you. LOL Bad Bad Boy! (Is that better?)<br />
<br />
MBF, I do find it sooooo much easier to flirt in person or when a guy can see me... That is a huge advantage these days. LOL<br />
<br />
PT, Too bad because I am making you wait a while longer. You love it!!!<br />
<br />
Grace, No way ... this is just me being fungirl... Who I really am... NOt really flirty at all. All you peeps help me with that lol.<br />
<br />
IT, and you are ooooohhhh so good on here girl... I love to try to flirt with you.

i can't wait.

Would I be alone in saying that I believe this story, and entire comment thread, are both in fact brilliant examples of flirting?<br />
<br />
"I need to improve my flirting techniques... help me!!" = best flirting in the world

Awww dhg.. You melt my M&M's <br />
<br />
THK, No I am looking for one and when I find him I will let you know. ;p;

What are you saying Love, you probably can write a whole book on flirting!!!!!well that's probably what you are doing, getting ideas for a new book? :D....<br />
<br />
Just be yourself, you are a flirt by nature...:D...**HUGZ* and lots of kisses!

Grace, We can all use good giggle.<br />
<br />
PT, Just wait until you see what I have planned next.<br />
<br />
K9, I try but sometimes I fall short in the flirt department.<br />
<br />
IT, If only I can get as good as my hero IT then my job will be effortless lol.<br />
<br />
Mikie, Are you saying you love the Southern Accent or was it that I could make my dog mind me without having to change my tone?<br />
<br />
NS, You just described me perfectly and yet I can't flirt well. Help me please darling.<br />
<br />
AC, What an analogy... I had to giggle loudly.

Lol. This thread is making me giggle my head off.

I beleive your doing one hell of a job right now. i'm the one that needs help.


Ignore the Pope!!!!.Excuse me but I live in Italy now!!! LOL!!

You are the one of the best.......................maybe THE best..........LOL!

Are you saying I am good at flirting or that you ignore the Pope? lol

FG not being good at flirting is like saying the Pope is no good at just ain't gonna happen....................LOL!<br />
<br />
My favourite chat-up line with women is :<br />
"Get your've pulled"...............

FG not being good at flirting is like saying the Pope is no good at just ain't gonna happen....................LOL!<br />
<br />
My favourite chat-up line with women is :<br />
"Get your've pulled"...............

You know Ropin that makes a lot of sense to me. . . I didn't use to smile a lot but my former bf kept begging me for pictured of my smile and I got used to it. I took his advice and I smile in every photo now. I am told I have a beautiful smile a lot and guys do like it.

I have one thing to say, being a guy who seldom gets flirted with. SMILE SMILE SMILE! And I don't mean just a regular happy grin. I mean that sexy smile...when a girl looks me straight in the eye and gives me that huge sexy grin...gosh I practically melt!

Think I'll stick around, this might be insightfull. hiehiehie

I can give you private lessons!! I don't charge much,and I would love to give you a deal on my services!!! lol....... ;-)

No I don't flirt. I need tips HC.

Are you serious FG?!?!? You are nuts! lol............ I think you are pretty good at flirting and you are just trying to see how many flirts are out here!! hahah I myself, am not a flirt! (nose growing)

Hey baby!!! So good to see my knight in shining armor.

I can't believe FG of all people would be seeking advice on flirting. I think she probably wrote the book.

((fungirl decided that her skirt is a little too long and makes sublte adjustments to the length revealing where her stockings meet her garter)) Oh my it is hot in here today she says as she funs her fingers through her long blonde hair. Is that what you mnean Marcus? Am I close?<br />
<br />
Oh Cow, I try to flirt with you everytime I call you cow.

FunGirl:<br />
<br />
Are you *kidding* me? You not good at flirting? I find that very hard to believe...LOL...<br />
<br />
But you know, that might be so surprising. Some people are just so open and flirty naturally they may not realize or be conscious of their potentially flirtatious behaviour.<br />
<br />
For some guys, all it takes is a look, or a signal, or a very pointed comment.<br />
<br />
Flirting is all about leaving things to the imagination - being respectful while not being too obvious or crude.<br />
<br />
It's about subtle (and sometimes, not-so-subtle, LOL) appreciation of the beautiful parts of a person, their mind, their spirit, their body...<br />
<br />
I've written a few posts and comments about it over in the "Am a Flirt" or "I Flirt" groups...<br />
<br />
marcus<br />
<br />
PS: also, very subtle adjustments of clothing work too, like hiking up your pant leg a little, does wonders in this drives guys wild when women show off a little leg...*laughs*

Ty JM got it relax and be myself. ty

redwings2, <br />
<br />
I agree. For me flirting is all about having fun & discovering if someone is on the same wavelength as you. Its the first indication of chemistry with a person. I think confidence is very important... (maybe drunkiness, if my life experience can offer some advice :)<br />
<br />
If there was any key to flirting, I'd say relax and have fun. Still, I'm probably bad at it too eh. We all are better than we think at it though!

Kry, YOU ARE VERY GOOD AT FLIRTING. From a woman's perspective you have it going on my friend. You are subtle yet to the point and you leave the imagination to think what it will. You are an A-plus flirter and could give men pointers on this subject. <br />
<br />
Addy, <br />
So would you like pointers on effective flirting? I think Weather is starting a class but all participants must wear orange to the class to give him deep inspiration. Better yet if you could wear either Miami or Florida Gators jerseys that would be so much more inspirational to him.

Redwings, So you like a challenge.. what is your poison? Physics, literature, cubby nature (could not resist as I am getting to be an expert lol) or some other subject. mmmm I feel like trying this flirting thing. It seems likea lot of fun.

I cannot stand the coy batting of the eyes bullshit.. the best way to flirt with me is to aggressively challenge me intellectually...that's a huge turn on.

FG, thanks. Acceptance! I'm dancing.<br />
<br />
Now, back to the woman at hand. FG, just close the deal. Remember, 'YOU' are the woman and 'YOU' are in charge.<br />
<br />
(Think you told me that once.)

Come on FG we know that both the guys and girls are already tripping over themselves when you walk in the room. woops there I go again ;)

Josie, You are a good hot chick and you are my hero. You are good at everything. I appreciate your comments here.

Sailing ... was I channeling you?<br />
<br />
Either way FG is special and the boys know it.

FG, just be yourself. The guys will be tripping over themselves to be with you.

Weat, what kind of help are you looking for dear. The fungirl is here to listen and help. Talk to me! Tell me your problems baby!

Sailing, I have some more pix I took that day. Would you like me to send you one to use as your avatar sweetness. (fungirl giggles bc she knows that SB loves that....))

hey FG.....a little help here....please?????

((fungirl bats her eyes and runs her fingers through her long blonde hair)) Speaking with her Southern accent"Oh boys thank you so much for the help." ((she giggles))<br />
<br />
Billy, I live in the South Eastern part of the US. ((fungirl reaches out to touch Billy's arm lightly))<br />
<br />
Sailing, Now darling I am going to have to type this in from across the room bc God is going to strike this post with some fierce lightening for that fib you just told. If you look up "flirt" in the dictionary there is a picture of you next to it as an example.<br />
<br />
Richard, Thanks dear for the compliment... I took those pix for my cubby and decided to use one as my avatar. I didn't want to look trashy and I hope it is flirty yet classy. Is that what you see when you look at my avatar?

!First off that photo is an A+ in the study of flirtology. So you arew off on the right foot. Second, it does not matter what you say we (I) will take it as flirtasoush

flirting is really easy for women. All you have to do is smile, laugh, and get close to the guy you want to flirt with. A little touching goes a long way. So are you married, single, or what? Where are you from?