I Couldn't Flirt to Save My Life

I have never been good at flirting.  I just don't understand all the social cues and rules to it.  I mean I find it a little pointless-like beating around the bush.  If you want something, say it.  Don't hint around about it.  I am sort of like the main character in 'A beautiful Mind' when he is having a picnic with his soon to be wife.  I get right to the point.  If I want something, I just come out and say it.  And if they aren't interested, well we didn't waste any time did we? :)

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well i think both are nice. that being said...i can be dense....so a straightforward approach is kind of a relief....and also.....sometimes when SO many guys are flirting with you.......its refreshing to have a guy just come right out. If he's comfortable with himself.<br />
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; )

I agree, don't feel like an ***. I didn't take it that way and appreciate your pov. peace.

You don't sound like an a$$, you just sound like a romantic idiot.

"I have tried it before. I have autism and that is why it is hard for me."<br />
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Dude, now don't I feel like an a$$. Rock on!

I didn't want to be insulting or impertinent, but I was thinking that someone who clearly hates nuance and much prefers black and white might be on the spectrum. <br />
Personally, I think flirting rocks - it's like verbal foreplay. But there's nothing wrong with your POV either. That's what makes the world go 'round.

I have tried it before. I have autism and that is why it is hard for me. It is not hard to pick up on what a guy wants. You don't need to flirt to get that across. :) peace

Ummm...sorry, but I'm a guy who disagrees with you. Granted, I've been out of the game for a long time now, but I think you'd better improve your skills, at least on picking up on those ambiguous "social cues" you mentioned. Because here's what'll happen: If a girl starts flirting with you and you don't pick up on it and don't flirt back, your non-flirting WILL COMMUNICATE to her, whether you intend to or not. And here's what your non-response will communicate: You are not flirt-worthy.<br />
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Quit making lame/logical excuses about how pointless it seems. Invest a little time to at least learn some of the rules, chiefly, what communicates what. People are people--they flirt. Most find it enjoyable. When you protest flirting involves too much work and beating around the bush, you remind me of guys who also give excuses why they won't learn to dance. Again, give it an honest chance and you may discover yet another enjoyable experience. Fwiw.

Thanks, gurls. Glad to see I'm not alone there...Men are easy to handle so you don't need to flirt anyway. Just show up naked. :) That's a pretty forward hint...women on the other hand are harder to deal with. (wink)

me neither but i dont worry about it!

Me neither.<br />
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