Things Just Seem To Get Worse The More I Get Hopeful.

I used to sell drugs to make a living, until my grandmother offered to take me in so I could afford to go to school, get a car and establish myself without selling death, and living under the radar. Wanting, to be a better person I took her up on the offer and moved from Alabama where I was to Connecticut. At first, things were great I was making decent money, and their lawyer even gave me a car. That's when everything started to crumble. My grandmother insisted my unreliable uncle take the car to his shop and look at it. As much as I protested she let him take it anyway. That was three years ago, and seeing children of his friends getting cars from him only added to my anger. In that time my hours were cut at work so much I went from making around $500 a week to a pitiful $160 which miraculously turned to $140 even though I'm still working the same hours. I can't afford to purchase a new car, or even a used one. It has crippled me to such and extent I have been driven into this massive depression.

I used to write screenplays, short stories, and proses. I have lost all inspiration to write because I can't manage to move forward. Where I live there is nowhere close enough to walk to safely. And I've practically given up on trying to get my car from my useless uncle. Ever since I've moved to CT is just seems every time I seem to get things together someone has to come and muck it all up. I know I can be self reliant, I've done it before. But I can't keep going feeling like this.
CountingtoNothing CountingtoNothing
22-25, M
Jan 6, 2013