Not Very Happy

I am having all kinds of difficulties.  I am in pain right now.  I am trying to get well.  Doctors seem to not know what is causing it or seem like they don't care! I hate not being strong enought to do things myself for myself!  People seem to resent me when I ask for help. I had a problem with my walking and fell in public; a lady named Kathleen helped me, prayed with me and comforted me! It is so hard for me to be ill and then when my computer fizzes out "crashes" it is a hard thing for me too. Since I rarely have visitors and I am so depressed. Sorry. I don't really mean to be so negative.  That is it! All I have to say!

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2 Responses Jul 6, 2009

PPl at church don't even call me to see how I am doing. I am just stating fact and not judging or complaining. It is just fact. I've come to believe that I need to try to not react to any of the things that bother me. You know "give it all to God" (is that just sticking my head in the sand?). I am just struggling with thots that my beliefs may not even be right. That things are not the way I once believed with my whole life. I find I have believed in persons and it was not true..pastor's words...everyone has a different view..which is correct? children's love for me...on again and off again...for long periods of time...relationships....(rolling my eyes upward at the thot)..I can think of two constants however...GOD love me no matter what...and so does my mom! My dad is dead. (and no one tells the absolute truth xcept God)

I fell this morning!...I lost my step alighting from a bus!..My samaritan,the driver,made sure I was Alright and drove me home!<br />
<br />
..My local government have people that drop in to assist you!...Maybe a good start!...There are always people to assist....Your church maybe?