She Wasn't

My mom was never the social type (while i was growning up/now). I see that alotta my "flaws and qwirks" that i have-she does too. So i blieve it stems from that. Another reason is because i never have anybody to go with. I've been sheltered all of my life, but once i'm out-i feel like somebody should be there with me.


just a though

lostprophet lostprophet
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yes, it is!

I like to know im not the only one. like you I share most of myself with my father. we're both shy and awkward in social situations. I too being an only child have been sheltered during most of my childhood. sometimes I hate my dad because I see so much of what I dislike in myself in him. I know its unfair but its true. you would think that my father and I being so similar would make our bond stronger but...its not so lol im more of a mommies girl. well my mom making lots of sexist jokes when I was a kid probably didn't help either but the first reason is more prominent. well I hope its comforting to know your not the only one,I know I am!