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Enjoy Being Alone

I have always been happy being alone or with a few close people in my life.I have mild social anxiety when I'm in crowds, or with unfamiliar people.  Some think I'm introverted but I'm actually not, I can be very extroverted with people I know.

Just venting here.



RitJaCa RitJaCa 51-55, F 10 Responses Oct 26, 2009

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Although my job requires me to be "out there" I am secretly quiet and shy...the real me. Glad I am not alone...

I'm very shy with strangers, but sometimes I meet a woman who can get me to reveal secrets I wouldn't tell anybody. It happened yesterday. I told a neighbor about lots of my EP experiences and she said I had a very interesting life. She couldn't have been kinder or more understanding. It was also a relief to share the stories with her.

A kindred soul.

Around crowds I know, I can be the life of the party. Among strangers, I'm shy and reserved. Love to hear how you think I react to one-on-one.

How would I know?

Yes I enjoy my space so I live alone. I date a woman from time to time that lives a few doors down from me, she feels the same way, we spend an eveining or a weekend together now and then. She is not very social with others and has never been married. I think I'm just about all the companionship she can stand.

I have always been to a small classes with a max 20 classmates but mostly it was 15 <br />
it was always my actions that i blame myself for being alone <br />
I can be sometimes a lightning spark but too bad it don't last until its dark again <br />
it feels awesome to be living sometimes and most of the time it feels bad for not living at all...

yeah... i'm also like you.... I'm actually very talkative with people I know... and it's somehow very hard to mingle with other people with nothing to talk about and most of the time it gets awkward... yeah and it also sucks when you have 49 classmates and only 5 of them are your friends because you just hate to be sociable and rather stick with people you are comfortable with...!

I can go either way, but my sister is just like you

yeah I`m that way too, it`s kind of hard meeting people that way. It`s sorta disappointing when people think I`m a quieter kind of person when I`m only that way around people I don`t know that well. Ahhh what can you do...

yes, it can be very uncomfortable to be around people sometimes.