Why I'm Not Voting In The 2012 Election

There's a reason why a large number of people have decided not to vote during this election cycle: the system is Broken! In 2008, the people voted for "change" and got a JP Morgan-backed puppet, instead. We are murdering civilians around the world with cowardly drone strikes, all in the name of the "war on terror". Education in this country is dismal and underfunded, yet there's always enough money to keep the gears of our war machine turning. Aside from having a bit more charisma, Obama is no different from Bush. Romney is a joke.

I wrote an article titled "Why I'm Not Voting in the 2012 Election" that elaborates on the disgust many of us harbor for the current state of our political system, leading us to sit out this election:

SirDrewski SirDrewski
3 Responses Sep 30, 2012

I respect you are choosing not to vote, but it still makes no difference. If you choose not to vote that is fine, but what exactly does not voting accomplish? You'll still get Barack, or Mitt.

It's all about priorities, sky. It's not about accomplishing something by NOT voting, it is about how we use our time/energy...do we spend it on things we think are important and useful, or on things that we don't believe are important and useful?

What ever you say.

"We often complain about the government having money for wars but not for education or to feed the poor. Well, it seems that we can find hundreds of millions of dollars to give away to politicians but are unwilling to spend even a fraction of that to directly support schools, teachers and homeless people in our own communities. If we won’t do it, how can we get mad at the government for following the example we set?" so true...and politics is kinda like a war among American citizens in it's own right.

You said what has been on my mind, for which I could not find the words for: "Well, it seems that we can find hundreds of millions of dollars to give away to politicians, but are unwilling to spend even a fraction of that to directly support schools, teachers and homeless people in our own communities." I keep wondering after all the gripping that people do about: As questing for having Tax Cuts, and then having so much money to Donate and have for Contribution to things of their interest? I sense Politics is more to people's Casinos, Entertainment and Sports wrapped up as running a Country. That to me, is not my interest in this Life or type of Genre for this Life. People think Politics is suppose to be Hype and a Competition. A Game. Anyway, I still try to finally Vote about what I know about and what I want in the Direction of things. My efforts are there and no one has a right anymore to criticize me about this. Not so much for the little issues on legislature issues or County People running for small Position on things. First time I see someone's name on a Ballot for a County Position. And it might be between 1, 2, 3 and 4 others. Having Names I see and Not Know nothing about such positions for who ever these names of people are and is running for as such. I'm stuck at leaving these Votes ... UN-Voted. On my Ballot about Same Sex Marriage. It was phased in this issue to me so complex. I couldn't understand it. As if this measure was in some way trying to discriminate it, rather than support it. And I wasn't sure which answer would be best in my ideas of it and as to ... Support it or Not. Which was allowing it Fair or Not. I didn't Vote on it. Anyway this Measure doesn't really concern me and my life anyway. But I like what Obama says, if even the issues are not implemented. That is my choice.

that was hard to read...but just wanted to clarify why i put quotations around that; it was an excerpt from that author, SirDrewski's, article which he linked to in the above story.

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results." yup