I Am Not Voting

I am so tired of politics and all the bullsh i t involved that I have no intention of voting during this presidential election. I dont see any real difference between Obama or John, and I d a m n sure wouldnt vote for Bob Barr. Why is it that in the U.S. that the people who would really make a difference never even make it in to the running, much less to the final election. Otherwise, Ralph Nader would have won, (go Green Party)!

Anyway, I just dont care who wins, even though I would love to have a black president, even if it is a man (too bad it cant be Oprah). Id rather see Obama on tv any day than to see John. And plus John is way too old. Who wants another Reagan in office? There sould be an age limit, no one over 70. Retire already.

But I am not voting, and I dont care who wins. Its not like it is going to really impact anything. The war wont end, the gas prices wont go down, and it wont  change this sluggish economy. It just doesnt matter to me anymore. When I get enough money I plan to move to Canada by the time I am thirty. (Hey at least they have universal child care and healthcare). ******* the U.S. I'd rather be Canadian any day. http://www.gwc.maricopa.edu/class/bio201/cn/cranial.htm

crysann1981 crysann1981
Jun 25, 2008