How Can They Say Im Warped , In This Bent World?????

They say I'm wrong. I'm warped, broken twisted. But how can people who live in this bent me warped? How can anyone really judge whats straight, when there existing in this Bent and twisted world? So I'm strange...who isn't? So i forget sometimes, I'm in public and burst into song or whistle...So i have hair the color of fire... So i feel trapped in my house and run breathless into my back yard to hug my big elm tree...So what if I cry in the rain for my lost child!!!! So what, this World is bent, broken... naturally a bent world, would bring out the warped in all who inhabit it!!

At least I am REAL!!!!!



furiousangel furiousangel
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3 Responses Jul 11, 2007

No such thing as perfect even if there was we would complain its to perfect =o and we r all strange in our own ways =o who ever doesnt admit that lives in denial :) lol

funny you should say this as i just wrote a story in myths and legends...''our fractured world''...a story from my ancestors.....why our world is so bent<br />

I feel so much the same