Best House

 The house is in good location. Not only house good but also family members also fine.

That place is with Color flowers, fruit trees, fresh air, smell and cool wind. That is the atmosphere of garden house.

My family is very small two sons one daughter I am very happy with my family wife and me all are good better health. The reason is fresh from trees, atmosphere fine on the hill. Location is good where it my house.

Garden must be need to a house for fresh air. Cool and Fresh air wanted to man for good health. So should house with trees. An office will be needs flower plants and trees. Earth heated with by the carbon dioxide .carbon monoxide danger to the health. Trees clean as fresh to air with the oxygen release.

In villages vestibules are growths front and behind of the house. But no chances in cities buildings are in exciting.

 Roof garden will maintain on top of the house, only by the leaf plant. This type of garden houses more in Australia. Any have earth save to the globing warm.

A house is in the garden. A house is in the trees. A is house in the field. A house is on the tank bund. An office ground is full of plants. A factory is with full of trees. These are all in good climate locating aria.

 A man should want at least two trees.

madugundukrishna madugundukrishna
51-55, M
Mar 13, 2009