Myth Vs. Truth

Myth: I'm a bi+ch.
Truth: I'm shy at first, which is why I don't talk to a lot of people until I'm good and comfortable.

Myth: I'm a fashion wh0re.
Truth: Though I enjoy shooping for clothes that are to my taste, I couldn't give a rat crap about fashion, trends, Vogue, designers, or anything related to it.

Myth: I'm into pop music and artists like Taylor Swift.
Truth: Hell no! Metal and Arabian music all the way!

Myth: I'm a dumb blonde.
Truth: No. No further explanation.

Myth: I'm a wh0re.
Truth: I value my body and I'm pickier than most.

Myth: I don't have much going on in my brain.
Truth: I'm an introvert and I tend to keep most of my thoughts, opinions, beliefs, stories, etc, in my head or in my notebook.

Those tend to be the typical first impressions people have told me they've had of me...that is, until they got to know me and realized that I'm pretty much the exact opposite of what they thought I was.

[Side note: Excuse the plus sign in "bi+ch" and the zero in "wh0re." I guess Experience Project is just trying to do their duty and protect the innocent by bleeping the real words out. I've come to corrupt.]
lostinwunderland lostinwunderland
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2 Responses Jul 15, 2010

Sounds all too familiar.<br />
Just keep doin you, girl!

You sound like an intelligent, self-aware, interesting person. I understand it's frustrating when people who don't really know you try to put all these labels on you. Be true to yourself and don't worry about what people who don't "get" you may say.