I"m Something Way Different Then I Look

i look like a no it all freak . I look like a young lady . I look like a doll face I have a lively face . I have a bored expression . I have a body of a 15 year old and I look like a  angel . A beauty whos stuck up and loveable . I"m a girl who looks like a boring little princess .

The raeal me ! A moving fast runner . singer and dancer . I"m a girl open minded who thinks and daydreams . I"m 11 and have a growing body that fits a 15 year old . I"m not rich but sort of normal wierd strange  pearson . I"m not a stuck up kid I"m a young lady who acts like a 7 year old and is not afraid of getting dirty.

The end

Kind of one more thing I"m nothing like a princess its how I look but not who i am
harboraqua harboraqua
13-15, F
1 Response Jul 16, 2010

lol its funny i look like a doll and act like a boy