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Man's Got To Know His Limitations

You expect me to be the nice guy, the one who will always be there. The stir fry BBQ specialist who will mince his soul into little pieces and sprinkle teriyaki sauce over it then BBQ my heart brisket and cut it like tenderloin for the masses to have something to eat. You think I'll always be available even after you've worked your way through the bedrooms and the hearts of every since abusive, vicious, uncaring monster out there. I'm not that man, I'm the Outlaw. I tell you where I stand and what I can do, I explain in no uncertain terms what I will and won't take. You act surprised when I flex a steel backbone; why? You think I'm a pushover that you can use the barest hint of sexual fulfillment to keep as a pet??!! Yes that may work on about 98% of the male population of EP. It may even work on the newbies for a while but I am a REAL MAN  .  .  . lies and deception do not become us for we are men of action.
RoaringFlameLostinShadow RoaringFlameLostinShadow 31-35, M 4 Responses May 28, 2011

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The steel of the backbone so felt very strong. I hope you never lose that and always stand your ground. Men can be made into meer puddles of themselves because of a few hos and dishonest women. Don't ever let this be you. There would be too much lost if that ever happened to you.

Oh I don't but on the flipside, you leave no impact. Maybe you'll be noticed when you don't show up for work one day if somehow death claims you but your phone rarely rings. Few if any people unrelated to you actually want your company and that will really take a toll after a while but you still keep your backbone and you appear the perfect guy that no-one wants.

That's a harsh way of looking at it and a mite rude.. but you can't think this way! No one wants??? I refuse to believe that no one wants you! Perhaps you have been so jaded that you forgot that she is in your office and you have been passing her time and again and she's so shy around you all she can do is steal glances of you out of the corner of her eyes. Then when you make contact with her she looks at you blankly in shock and looks away real fast calming her heartbeat because you noticed her looking at you. Maybe... you have impact and you just don't see it.

In this neighborhood, everyone is married or with a b/f and 99.9% have kids. I thought about a mail order bride but those things are expensive and there's no return policy. Only this thanksgiving I tried having a date with a woman off of here which ended with her having an undisclosed drinking problem.

!! oh dear god... dont' do mail order bride.. how can you live a life that is fake when there is no love built and no foundation for it?

I don't know, one day if you get close enough - I'll show you my blog. It makes my EP work look like child's play.

If I do.. my heart will feel like falling leaves in autumn and I don't think I will come out the other side the same again.

Ok, then you don't have to witness it.

Not yet. You have a magnetic ton of force in your words to shake a person's mind and ramble their brains to a point that they realize they have felt like you all along however, instead of understanding it as you have and digested it, they put theirs on a shelf and continue as if nothing happened.

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I like honesty, even brutal honesty. It is rare to find such honesty, but they are the only people I trust.

I play no games, I pull no punches.

Pretty much, I had some woman wanting me to 'satisfy' her which was outright sad last night. My mentality is pretty simple, EP's about support or at least that's what they want you to believe, anyway moving along my point is certain topics cross the dangerous line into offline. If you are not seriously wanting to meet in real life and see what could be, then I expect you and everyone else to see that fine line in flirting and not cross it. Otherwise, you really are proving yourself no different from the rest of the general population. Besides, when you area former thespian who can't get a date in real world to save your life despite being as harmless as a puppy, it really doesn't do you favors for your ego to get padded on here.

I think so as well, I mean people have a right to express themselves on EP as they so desire but how do I put it kindly? Just because I have a healthy sexual appetite and I'm frank about what I enjoy or fantasize about, doesn't mean it's an open invitation for every sexually frustrated lame brain man or woman to knock on my doorstep. Honestly, it is even more pathetic when I get women on EP coming onto me like drunken prom queens. I mean really, if you want sex as a woman - walk outside naked in your neighborhood, three quarters of the men will rush to offer.

I love this. I love the FREEDOM of being able to express sexuality as you've described, without having a hoard of hyper-aroused individuals to beg for your attention.

Thank you, means alot to have you say that.