Whenever I meet new people they never expect to meet a well rounded person. Maybe its because I may be a bit shy at first but I'm just not going to gloat about my skills and accomplishments. I enjoy talking, getting to know new people and see if theirs anybody that has similar interest. Its very hard to find people who share every single one of my interest. Then again I like that because I have a huge variety of friends. I can honestly say that every person that I have met and have a relationship with has always been very honest and helpful to improve my character. I wold say that my main goal in life isn't to be rich and successful well it would be nice. I would prefer to be the best me I can be because if I can be the best me then no one could ever try to ever replace me and to me that's been rich and successful.
Mwuahsay Mwuahsay
May 9, 2012