Just Moved 4 The 3 Time Since The 1st Of Oct.

First I moved in with my best friend that I've know for 18 yrs. Then I moved in with a dear friend that I worked with and was bf with for 8 yrs. Now I'm with a co worker that says rhe only reason she let me move in is cuz she felt soery for me. The first roomates were going to put me in a mental hospital cuz they think I'm manic all the time. I'm not....just going through HELL!!!! My husband is stocking me using my bf's but I think I'm safe now. My second roomate was a B to me she ruined a shirt, and a dress of mine, stold my wallet so I moved out she called me every swear name in rhe book and said I was right my husband is good in bed. Says she's going to call the Sheriff's. Then wants to file asaul charges on me!!! Now she want to talk rassionaly like adults. I say no way... I'm staying far away from her!
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Yes that's so true thanks