I Fear I Am Having Multiple Personality Disorder

I am different persons in different situations. Iam bewildered by the way i act,think, talk differently in different situations. geographical region seems to change my personality. Where I study its a city and there I drink occassionally, had intercourse with my boyfriend and even smoked. At my home I am completely different. Here nobody knows I have done these things. I will be married to a guy whom my mother will pick. I love my boyfriend but in my culture arranged marriage is preferable and the biggest happiness parents have is when their daughter is marrying a boy of their choice. I know this is a big sacrifice because the guy I love is the only guy ill ever be happy with. I feel like I am scarificing myself. I need time to adjust to become what I should be at home . Then i change myself in everything. I love the other me.. I am more open then. My way of talking, my subjects. its all different. I feel empty sometimes.
cancerheart cancerheart
22-25, F
May 15, 2012