People Don't Know Who I Am

Not even some of my friends know who I am. At school, im a loud, crazy, funny girl and everyone thinks that im never sad. But they don't realize that I really am a deep person and quiet and times. Sure I like to be crazy or do crazy things at times but I'm actually really kind of shy when I don't know you (usually). It just angers me that people think they know me and think my life is perfect when in reality, it's really not! Anyone else feel this way? I need someone to talk to. :/
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4 Responses May 15, 2012

I feel like I have three personalities. One for my so called friends, one for my family and one for my teachers. I'm wondering, does it get better?

It's been a very interesting day...

I feel like i have two personalities

its scary sometimes.

yes i feel the same way