Yes Or No I Don't Know

I was out for a walk today,while i was ambling along i found a wallet...three weeks ago mine was picked out of my pocket i lost all my cash but got wallet back with all else in it..the wallet i found had a lot of cash and credit cards in it..i'm rather broke my self just now so i took the wallet home and i sat looking at it for a while thinking will i or won't i..the urge was to keep it and maby have a bit of fun,but unfortunatly i have a concinse,so i phoned the guy up told him i found his wallet..
Hw starts going on that his car was broken in to this afternoon and started accusing me of doing this deed,he got really nasty on the i said stuff him he dosen't know who i am so i'm at home with this walllet thinking since he was such a **** head maby i should keep it and let him suffer..not sure what to do if i keep it i would be sorted for a good while but will i feel guilty..any one know what i should do..stuck..
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3 Responses May 22, 2012

He has an attitude problem,you have a conscience,I hope you did the right thing.

If he accumulated bad karma its his own fault. I hope you just kept the thing. Its easy to keep the cash and burn the rest, if you feel really bad you can mail his cards back to him. He might know enough to appreciate that, but probably not.

seems wrong to bring it were i found it.i think i will hang on to it bring it to the cops explain the story see were it goes from there...

good way to feel