there are so many ways in which i am not what people expect:

*i'm not the perfect size 10, and therefore most people automatically think that i'm lazy and constantly eat. Granted, i mostly get this "vibe" from men....i'm the "good friend", the "listener"....i'm a decent person, just look past the fact that i don't have a body like Shakira!

*i have tattooes and piercings...this does not make me a thug! i get tattooes and piercings because i want to, stop judging me because my skin isn't "virgin"!

*i have recently stopped taking anti-depressants, which most people don't expect, because i'm always happy in public. i am a friggin' mess inside, so don't automatically think i'm ok 'cause i'm smiling!

feel free to leave a story/message if you've been unfairly judged!

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Human beings are judgmental creatures unfortunately. However, their interpretations of people are usually based on what someone else told them or what society thinks. So you're not a perfect size ten, oh well. You have piercings and tats (cool btw), well guess what...it's your body. Here's the thing though, if you're unhappy about anything...change it and do it for YOU. Forget everyone else's opinions because they're just that: opinions. What matters is how you feel about you. Once you're comfortable in your own skin, someone will notice. If you already are...just wait.

-J.L. Manning

I can relate with the first one but in a diffrent way. I'm small and skinny so people call me anerexic. I don't starve myself. If people really knew me they would figure out sooner or later that I have an eating disorder.

I know how u feel. I'm on antidepressants & anxiety medication that people don't know about. I also am not a size 10 & have tattoos & I know people judge me because of it. But I'm over it, I don't care what people think. You shouldn't either :)

Good post.<br />
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Out of curiosity, where did you get that beautiful picture for the I Am not what people expect...the coloring is beautiful...and the reflection in the water. I'd love to make a copy of it...let me know. Thanks!

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You said words that i related to...<br />
I have the struggle with feeling like i belong nowhere.<br />
<br />
I am realizing now, with age, that it always is me that starts judging myself first. <br />
Its the me that feels the first bit of cynicism creep up and cut me off at the knees before anyone else has the chance to. <br />
And then if they do, it devastates me further. So not fun anymore.<br />
Never was even.