Bare Model–path To Finding Fate

I was day dreaming once. It’s how as far as my psychopathic sense could take me. A world of bare manequins walking like ordinary human beings. So I thought, chasing fate and finding whom it had rewritten to be my own pair work by seeing things magnanimously. If everyone is designed to be physically uniform, then there would be no physical attraction..just mere recognition through inner being. We wouldn’t have preference or association motivated solely by senses.

My next question is, how do we find our partner seeing things as it is? A person becomes distinct through words and actions. We connect through emotional and mental attributes, unique in existence. We measure compatibility by coercing characters in such a lock and key fit. Hence, roles in relationships adheres to clarity and specificity.

I cannot completely dismiss some significant elements of admiring physical eccentricity. But in my world, to achieve the highest of human affirmation, I have to dismiss what my eyes see. It makes it less complicated. By adhering to my personalized model, determining motivations for being deeply engaged with someone is far more transparent. You cannot associate love to loving love because that obsession could make you want someone randomly..that means to whoever comes along. It would be like picking a box from thousands uniformly designed.

Now the execution part is difficult. It takes a focused and spirited mind to ignore what society has imposed as standards. Our brains though is built with infinite possibilities. The key is to visualize. So I do everyday.

This is just a part of what my book comes in transformation. None of it is me but murmurs of the Blackwidow to whom I only dare to submit.
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1 Response Sep 26, 2012

I Love your writing style. I wish I could write as good as you.

Thanks. I'm not really good. just writing the way I could speak the same terms..

I guess I'm going to have to start practicing so I can build up my skills in writing but I think I'm going to start off by Journaling and go from there.. Thanks for the tip too..

that's great..start with human interest which pretty much works as expounding on the basic.look forward to reading your stories.