I Am A Dying Breed.

I am a dying breed. I wake up early and work hard from the moment I wake up to the time my head hits the pillow. feel like a man out of my own time. I'm young and independent. I work two jobs, go to school, maintain my farm. I stand up for what I believe in and I never backed down from someone. Nobody knows respect or how to earn it but they demand it. Most people today are too sensitive and don't act like men. They don't believe in hard work or getting their hands dirty. Most "men" would prefer to be indoors and doing physical labor. The thought of working hard actually makes most people turn away. Am I the only one left who values hard work not only in a mental way but also a physical way. Nobody stands up for themselves and too many people care what others thought. If someone messes with you do something about it don't go no,e and cry stand up and fight for it. Don't be afraid to throw a punch and be a man. Stop being afraid to be a man. Too many people barely know the basics of life they let others do it for them. They have no knowledge when it comes to the important things in life. This is my opinion of the "men" that we have in our world today.
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Well said. People in general need to start facing their problems in life head on and overcome them in a more direct way. In today's world people are becoming so manipulative and conniving to get what they want instead of just setting a goal and working hard to achieve it. People tend to forget that they are not entitled to the privilages they have and in most cases, they hardly earn those privilages.

So many people seem to live in fear and in the shadows of what they're actually able to become. I hear most people make excuses for themselves as to why they can't do something before they even try. I can't say that I don't understand it either because it is far too obvious; under the laziness, egos, entitlement issues or whatever else, parenting went from children trying to gain their parents' approval to parents trying to gain their children's approval. It is sad. Note: This is my "generalized" opinion from what I have noticed; I'm aware that there are many other possible reasons towards this drift towards men (or women) not comprehending that "you get out of life what you put into it;" instant gratification complexes (so many things being faster now-a-days [communication, research]), having everything "handed over" (trust funds to even just having food readily available to buy at stores); overall, everything is just too easy and simple anymore.

Hi, Brenton.
You're right that paying your own way and being able to live independently is an integral part of being a real man. You said that many young men today are not expected or taught to really be men. What do you attribute this to? Also, what, in your opinion, are some essential life skills that every young man should have? ( stuff that you think "they let others do for them" ).
Do you believe that a lot of young men think:' Well, I have Daddy changing the oil on my car and Mommy doing my laundry and fixing my pot roast dinner. Why should I give up such a sweet deal. ' ?
Also, do you think that more young men today are socialized to believe that it's better to be a preppy, over-educated P.H.D. that to get your hands dirty doing manual labor?
I hope these questions are relevant to the point you're trying to make.

I attribute the amount of time people put into fashion and the lack of respect that they have for hard work. People from my grandfathers generation all had the same work ethic and work skills but now it's more of look good do as little work as you can to get by and nothing more. Too many people worry about the college education and not fundamental skills about how to run a household or really any work that makes you sweat. They are lazy and most people do nothing themselves these days they pay someone money to do it but the people that they pay to do it they down on them. I attribute it a lot to what the media puts out and the way they see life like everything falls into your lap and life is so simple. Making fun of people is ok and disrespecting people is funny, and that is not how people should be raised or how they should even act. Too many people are soft handed and disrespectful kids that are smug cocky and act like they know how to run the world when the only skills they have are checking there Facebook and acting immature.

Rock on babe!!!

you're like my friend thatsmystyle :D :P

I enjoyed your story. My husband and son both are physical laborers we farm and they are construction workers. I love to work hard outside. I have always worked weekends because when I went to school that is what worked for me. Standing up for what you believe in is a very admirable trait just be careful throwing punches

I dont know about the States, but Montreal is full of boys who TRY to be men!

Its attractive that you are a hard worker!!

Get over yourself. You are not the only one in America with this work ethic, and to believe you are demonstrates your lack of contact with the real world.

Glad you work hard, but learn some humility.

Thank you for your opinion.