The Key Continued

The firelight gave a dull lustre to the forged metal of the large key.

I lay beside and within her stroking her gently and feeling her perfumed warmth while slight crackles from the fire did little to prevent a satisfied stillness gathering around us. We were cocooned in a post coital reverie; time was of little import now.

I opened my eyes and stretched, remembering my manners I yawned quietly as I came to terms with a new day and a new understanding of myself. I turned to her and she was still asleep the rise and fall of her breathing captivated me.

Stepping from the bed I look at her silhouette scarcely concealed by the thin gown and immediately felt a resurgence of desire for her.

I phoned down and ordered a light continental breakfast with fruit and coffee and set about making myself presentable. I retreated to the bathroom, entering I noted the air was still marked with her scent and I smiled

Not knowing what we were going to do during the day I elected to wear simply a black pair of jeans and a black shirt. I applied some Cerrutti after shave which she had a liking for, prior to acknowledging the light tapping on the door which signified breakfast was served.

I took the tray from the Landlord who had brought it up, he glanced over my shoulder at her sleeping and simply murmured “You are a lucky, lucky man” and with that he was gone.

I arranged breakfast on the table and went to wake her, as I touched her shoulder her eyes opened and she smiled, she looked lovely. I said “I don’t know how you can wake with your make up so perfect particularly after a night like last night” she responded “It’s easy, simply wake up at 6 am in order to freshen up” here was me thinking I was the early bird!

We giggled and I held her hand as she arose from the bed, we melded into one and simply held each other, I loved this as she was so soft and feminine.

We sat down to eat I had cereal and croissant, while she elected to have yoghurt and pain au chocolat I poured two cups of strong aromatic coffee “This coffee smells almost as delicious as you dear” I noted, she giggled “Oh you!.....what are you like?” I love the little wrinkles that form round her eyes when she giggles and the way she tries to suppress it by placing elegant fingers on her lips.

Flirtatious conversation eventually broached the subject of how we were intending to spend the day and while we considered the potential for a day in bed we agreed that maybe we should explore the Forest.

She had already showered so now was time for her to decide upon her outfit for the day, she went to the large cupboard where we had hung our clothes yesterday and opened the door. As I had put my clothes out first I am not sure what I was expecting however I was surprised by the sheer amount of clothes which she had brought delicate fabrics cheek to jowl with various expensive looking tailored skirts and jackets. She pursed her lips as though deep in contemplation. “Do you want to choose?” she asked. I thought about it for a moment before saying “No I think I trust your judgement on these things more than mine, if we were talking leather and PVC then I am sure I would have an opinion” she laughed at my silly remark “And if I had brought any leather or PVC you naughty man I would want to hear it”.

Various outfits, all neatly hangered (How are women so good at that?) were laid out on the bed as she bustled to and fro holding up first one thing then another. I wasn’t forming an opinion on the outfits which would all look gorgeous on her anyway, but rather I was enjoying how the sunlight streamed through her gown rendering her almost naked. The curvature of her back and her shapely calves defined by the cling of the fabric was delightful.

I was smiling to myself, women, you have to love them!

She stopped and turned “Darling?... did you ask for adjoining rooms?” “No, why, what makes you ask?” not quite understanding what she meant I was confused, there wasn’t another door, I wondered if she had meant an adjoining bathroom and asked if that was what she meant. “No silly, look at this” I joined her in front of the cupboard to see what she was pointing at with her scarlet tipped talon.

Surprisingly within the cupboard and forming the back wall was another door, we hadn’t noticed it the night before but there it was, how odd. I tried to open the door but it wouldn’t budge “It’s bolted from the other side I think dear” “I wonder” she said as she moved to the bedside and retrieved the large key “I wonder?”

She handed me the key and moving a metal plate to one side I inserted it in the lock, it turned with minimal resistance and the door opened away from me. It opened however not into an adjoining room but an inky blackness, we moved the remaining few clothes to one side in order to see better “It’s a little scary” she said as I realised she was holding me tight “Scary and exciting”.

I felt around the doorway and found an old fashioned light switch, clunking it down resulted in light flooding what could only be described as a combination of a shrine to burlesque and a torture chamber, there were things there that I didn’t have the slightest understanding of what they were or what they could do, others were graphically obvious in their intent.

She gasped and I went to switch the light off thinking this was not her thing, I was surprised by her little voice asking “Can we play?” I was taken aback slightly.
“I didn’t think y..” “Oh yes” she pre-empted “I do” “It’s intruding though isn’t it?” I suggested however she pointed out that the key was given to us and I recalled the Landlord’s parting remark….”Enjoy yourself in the Forest”

We entered the room, she suddenly looked tiny and vulnerable dressed in white in this dark place, like an angel checking out the competition. Numerous photos hung in heavy old fashioned frames and it was clear to see that despite the many years since they were taken the majority of them were of a much younger landlord with a lady dressed in burlesque style and restrained in a number of inventive ways actually looking more closely at some of the grainy black and white pictures it became very clear that the lady had a lot in common with my own!

My companion was immensely turned on by the whole thing and asked me to wait there for a short while.

She returned in about ten to fifteen minutes, its hard to tell as I was quite distracted by what I was seeing. “What do you think dear?” she asked, I looked up and my angel had been replaced with a naked, except for a pair of high black boots and a tiny pair of panties, temptress. She had scraped her hair back from her face and now was made up with very dark almost purple lipstick pale foundation and dark, dark eyes. Wow I thought.

She asked if we might try to re-enact some of the things that we could see in the photographs, with a little trepidation I asked “How extreme would you like?” She mutely pointed to a large picture of her predecessor shackled to a device almost like a St Andrews Cross folded in the middle. The girl in the picture had her breasts tightly bound and her neck encased in what appeared to be some kind of brace affair, she was gagged with a kind of ring which held her mouth open and you could see what looked like ***** all over her face. Her genitals has been similarly bound in such a fashion as to allow some lead weights to be affixed to them but worst of all it appeared some device had been inserted in her sex, similar to her mouth which rendered it open nearly as wide… I was shocked…”You want me to do this to you dear?”

“Yes master” she replied not looking at me.

My mind raced, I could see all this equipment in the room and much more besides, but should I?.........
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Dec 6, 2012