The Key 3

She stood serenely, the air pulsated with expectation and only the slightest of quivering in her slender legs poised atop slender but deadly heels gave an indication of the emotions contained within.

Her eye make up had been subtle earlier, I noticed that they were now immaculate sultry pools of emerald, were she a mermaid she could have lured many a man into the depths.

Taking her slender alabaster wrist I led her to the device, I could see it had aged well and looked well maintained. The cross was made of a wood which I did not recognise, possibly oak, it had a patina of age and wear that would not be out of place in a church pew. It was clear the equipment had seen quite some use in the past.

Guiding her to the front of the machine and standing her in front I let my hands drift softy across her satin skin and wondered to myself why would this stunning creature give herself so totally and submissively to her man. She could have her pick of men and while slightly taller than myself in many ways I thought of her as little and delicate. At this point I realised that she would acquiesce to any of my desires and that I was her master.

I positioned her in front of the device allowing her to absorb the detail in the hardness of the cross down to the leather creased with age covering the huge hinge in the middle. I think she realised that once the mid part was folded over a victim strapped to the device would be bent over open and vulnerable.

I noted her hurried breathing and fluttering of her long lashes and took her chin gently and kissed her deeply, her soft moist lips giving themselves up willingly and readily accepting the unspoken reassurance. Her excitement and nervousness was palpable as I firmly took her right wrist and stretched it up to the top right of the St Andrews cross. This was quite a stretch for her and I could see the tightening in her girlish calves. I buckled her wrist within the stout leather cuff while noting the contradiction of her manicured nails and pale hand held fast by the stout glossy black leather. I then snicked the padlock shut, struggling from here on would be futile, there was no escape for her now.
The left wrist was treated similarly, and I noticed a distinct wobble in her legs as though they may give way. I looked at my handiwork thus far and was delighted by the juxtaposition of my fair and delicate girl effectively suspended from the machine, did I hear a moan? her head dropped slightly to one side as her fate was sealed, she looked up at the wrists and a faint smile was visible at the corners of her mouth.

I would soon deal with my ladies smugness and her spoiling of my perfect symmetry. I took a posture collar from a rack which contained a number of items similar in nature and perhaps useful in a later game. I straightened her head and took the collar round her slender neck, she resisted slightly and this delighted me. She obviously hadn’t noticed the device and was unsure. The shape of the restraint tilted her head back as a heavy leather pad formed a shelf under her chin, this would greatly restrict movement of her lower jaw once fastened. She moaned aloud as I tightly fastened the restrictive garment I therefore took one of her nipples and pinched it hard OOOO!! She squeaked at which point I placed a rubber ball gag in her opened mouth and fastened the full head harness, this would help her to concentrate.

Working down her body I noticed the aroma of her warm scent mixing slightly with a smell of….what was it…almost a mixture of old incense and dare I say it the smell of lust of times gone by. This place had seen some action in the past, it pervaded the fabric of the room and hung in the air like a prelude to the next great event.

I spread her divine legs, again buckling and padlocking her ankles feeling the flinch of unsure but willing skin was a real thrill. Spread apart she was completely vulnerable and the temptation was to take her there and then. This was her time as much as my own, she had committed to me and deserved to enjoy the whole experience. At that point our love had transcended rules and convention and was heading to another place where it was right if it felt right, nothing else mattered.

Deftly I manoeuvred straps through heavy buckles till her thighs were pulled tight against the hardness of the cross, a final wide waist belt with a ratchet type buckle pulled her hard into the narrow central section making her already tiny movements barely visible. Spread, shackled, silent save for the moans that just about escaped her gag and helpless. She was now just how she had wanted or maybe even needed to be and was just how I wanted her.

Checking all was as it should be and looking directly into her eyes to ensure she was at peace, I see an unfamiliar expression in them, one I will never forget, if lust could be personified in a look when all other expression has been taken away then it was at that moment.

I moved the ratchet device that bent her slowly forward until she was almost at 90 degrees. I had expected the device to creak, it was however almost silent clearly it was extremely strong and well engineered. The steady click of the ratchet matched by further tightening of her bonds at wrist and ankles, a slight whimper was that? how delightful!

I moved to the wall and removed a head harness, just like the one in the picture, an o ring gag with straps under the chin and up over the head as well as behind the head, removing the ball gag gently I gazed upon her and asked “Would you prefer to be exactly like the lady in the picture darling”? She murmured her assent, I reminder her “One last chance, once the gag is on speech will be impossible, are you still ok with it all?”
She tried to nod and realised she couldn’t she smiled and the word yes escaped her lips. I told her to open her mouth as much as she was able the ring went behind the teeth, forcing her mouth open for what clearly could only be for one purpose, I buckled the straps over her head, behind her neck and under the chin of her neck restraint, as I showed her the padlock to her head harness I could see the total submission in her eyes, and a shiver rang down her spine as it clicked into place.

Taking a rope from the ceiling rings through the harness forced her head to arch back however this was from the shoulders as her neck was effectively locked this was duly tied off with her head raised and forced to look straight ahead.

She was now absolutely vulnerable, open from the rear and open mouthed and I was faced with a delicious decision, which first?

Noting the electric sex machine in the corner which is best described as a sex toy attached to a mechanical arm which allowed it to move to and fro by about 6 inches very hard fast and relentlessly and knowing that she could know little of what I had in mind I gazed upon her prostrate form. My own willing sex slave, helpless and vulnerable was before me and there would be time to introduce mechanical aids later.

My own urgent needs were only too evident as I moved between her outstretched arms towards her raised and open mouth.

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Dec 6, 2012