White Skin Head Thug Or So Iam Told Lol

i guess it maybe how i come across or look at lest i have a skin head i have tats i have piercings i swear i say what i feel maybe this is all an act or a front or maybe just defense against getting hurt ? am not sure but every one who knows me and has spent time with me knows what iam like a big softie i wear my heart on my sleeve yet can hide other feelings behind my eyes once again maybe a front of what i feel i should be doing i walk in to pubs i get eyed up i go in to clubs and get checked yet only had a few fights due to drink but part from that lover not a fighter maybe growing up with 11 lads round me been one of the youngest iam not even sure why iam posting just trying to say dont judge a book ( btw yes my spelling sucks and i am sorry lol )
NiceGuy1990 NiceGuy1990
22-25, M
Dec 8, 2012