Fill My Hunger..

Self sacrifice brought me to death. I poured my heart into fate, savaged by nobility. The end for me was broken heart and spirits.Blackwidow threw me at the pit..succumbed by my hunger while exposed into tempting appetite. Desperation of unfulfilled urges asked me to embrace my nature once again so I can live. I can never escape it. So my food had to be maliciously filtered out, selecting those needed within expiration. Guilt was killing me at the end of the day but choices have to be made. The poison will kill them in time so they can live a new life. It must have hurt.

Regained strength surprised me a bit for it has significantly empowered more than usual. I have to be careful though. My poison could reach a wider range than expected. Everyday, new strains are infected by obsession. Most are junk and hence rolled up in web to be wasted.

End is what matters now. Heart had to be buried for the purpose. I'm sorry...that I have to say goodbye to the one. and hurt the others. Time is running out for me and so I have to temporarily live it.

pursuitoftheblackwidow pursuitoftheblackwidow
31-35, F
Dec 13, 2012