Raging As The Darkness Falls

While everyone is preoccupied, I rose from indignant sleep. In darkness, I was careful..slowly drinking blood from chosen ones. Guilt eats up the other half during the day. Night drives the thirsting being like second nature. I can't stop her. I don't know what prompted it but she's more empowering.. venomous..before her death. Everyday, I pray for strength to fight it. But then I was trying to question if my nature is leading me to the purpose. How many lives need to be sacrificed? How many souls need to suffer from impervious passion?

Skin to skin.. blood to blood..genetically altered hormone seeps in to a definitive host..alive and infecting the brain.. hypnotizing and paralyzing reason. The creatures inside me had died down. Defeated by will, science, and faith. But something inside me has changed. Diagnostic pheromones infecting anyone who gets close. Is it a fable? Is it just my fate? Was it my innate psychological manifestation?

Because of this..Because I cannot fail.. Because I'm not allowed to.. I have to bury my heart in an unknown place.
pursuitoftheblackwidow pursuitoftheblackwidow
31-35, F
1 Response Dec 15, 2012

indefinite inner conflict. two diametrically apposed needs. the war for your soul drags on. neither side willing to yield. nether side caring if it destroys you in the process. like a disease that knows not that when it kills the host body, it to will parish.

I have come out CC..there's no controlling to my nature.. Blackwidow is at rampage..couldn't stop her.