Psychology Of Sex

There is a general fact about sex referring act itself as nothing but a consummation of hormonal secretion, while a specific ATP amount expels the hell out of your life. For a woman, no matter how one gears away from traditional association, it is strategically the warming of heart in process. In my world though, engaging in such is a form of vandalizing one’s image with inherent character commonly not visible in normal condition. What I’m saying is, sex relays an essential piece of information about a person, from the manner it is initiated, to unforgiving desire of getting there, and finally, methodological ending of show.
There are two sides of orientation considerately varied for interpretation. Women are simple. There is always that need to be lead. For those who are broken, physiologically heightened, or in valor state of wanting to be desired by a targeted subject, initiation is granted favorably.Consistency gives them familiarity. Familiarity grows comfort which inevitably becomes attachment. This works even on women called by horrific names, if you know what I mean.
Now for men, I will not conflict discussion into matters of motive. There is the limited thinker and the smart one. You’ve probably heard of car racers who crashed into death out of repulsion. These are horses paralyzed by divinity of one goal–to finish. Women call them selfish. I call them idiots. Now there’s the guy persistently experimenting on buttons.. carefully weighing timing between step forward and spacing out. This type of man have discovered the magical power of persuasion. He knows that a woman emotionally and physically satisfied is a slave of man’s desire.
Considering main bed action, man in a rush has always been in pursuit of connection. In my theory of perception, this search for irreconcilable feeling lead him to recklessly jump from one woman to another, or fear affliction of connection. Rush is a temporary pill to an ailment, which is in turn a product of childhood grievances. Man who takes time is an expert of reflexes. He can manage the up and down deviations in blood pressure until he assumes her contentment and exhaustion. A woman should be warned of such exquisite experience. Hence, probing of subject should extend after last drop has been forced. Do not tolerate the following behavior:

Putting on undergarments or clothes quickly. Insistent panic after a deed reminded him of his wife, girlfriend, or mom waiting at home. On the other hand, he could be just passively kicking you out.
Sleeping off makes biological sense but shows indecent interest towards communicating.
Awkward silence or preoccupation.

You can ridicule Blackwidow’s sense in the midst of passion. But she dares the truth despite her own condescending flaws. She is a slave of her own wanting but her instinct never rests..nor fails..
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yes, sex as seen from the "other side". beautifully written.

thanks!.. tell me what side I don't know about. lol. :)

there is the side where sex is sex, its in its out its over....hehe
according to the pursuitoftheblackwidow it's much more clinical. I like your approach.

most people just find it amusing not relevant though.. I'm beginning to think that I'm consistently alienated or humanly altered. Everyone I get to meet or talked to in person have the same perception..

hmm this is concerning, i dont think you r alienated, although you might be humanly altered, i think a face to face conversation with you would be fascinating tho.
I think it is relevant, but the way you see things are beyond the scope of the average,......(thereby i am not implying that i am above the average lol) most people dont have the time or patience to do an analyses of what you have written....

i can assure you, you'd be one of those who'd feel weird or amused by engaging in a casual conversation with me.. when I say casual, its still not within the normal tone of least that's what I get from friends and people I get to meet..

Black widows have been known to eat their mates, so i will be sitting on the other side of the table to reduce the weirdness lol. i am known for conversing out of character, so you might find yourself in good company. hehe. i bite back.

hahahah.. don't worry, my appetite is kinda selective. I was honed to pick that who deserves

so when we meet, we will refrain from eating meats and just sticking to salads?
Let me know when you are in south africa again,....your table has been reserved.
I am looking forward to being

sheeks, that's a little too far for eating eating should come to asia..

Asia???? i will be going to Germany soon, Asia is not on-route tho.
hmmmm Houston; we have a problem. i will have to put Asia on my wish list. hehe. The best i can do for now is to have a salad for i will let you know how that turned out.....

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Wow...deep. Thanks for sharing.