I'm Nothing Like People Ex...

I'm nothing like people expect, I don't think so anyway. There are really three personalities to me: the one around strangers or acquaintances, the me around my friends, and the me that sits alone and wonders about things....there could also be a fourth me, the romantic side... I don't try to act differently around different people, there are just different aspects of my personality that I let different people see. It works on a subconscious level as I don't really mean to act differently around one person than I do the other, it just happens that way. So I guess nobody really gets to see the whole me...not even myself, as I am always searching within myself to learn more about who I really am... Also, people's perceptions of me usually seem to be completely wrong, so before you judge me and the type of person I am, learn first-hand what type of person I am by actually talking to me...
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you adapt your personalities to your surroundings like a chameleon does in its enviroment. its a defense mechanism that allows you to cope in different social situtations with the least amount of stress at that time.