But Not Always In a Good Way

I have a fake ring that very closely resembles a $5000 engagement ring. I wear it sometimes when I am grocery shopping and I want people to think that I have someone at home, that loves me, waiting for me. The truth is that I don`t and who knows if I ever will. I also wear it when I am going out with my girls and I want men to leave me alone. Pretty affective. :)
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Who needs men who are not your first husand? My first one is the best friend in my life. He is faithful and true to me, motivates me, guards me and loves me so much! He is my Guardian Angel, my friend my other half. We have shared our lives for 2,000 years. All other men are married and I am not their wife. You do see you husband in the memory bank in your own mind. He is who you want to be with so strive to reunite! To hold his hand to just be full of joy is the way you will see him again!

Ah yes i am not impatient about much but love is definitely at the top of my list. Most of my energy goes toward being impatient about it to tell u the truth.

It wasn't curiousity that killed the cat, but impatience? ;)

Theres no good explanation for it really. I guess just to feel what its like. I long for marriage and EVERYTHING that goes with it. Wearing a ring is as close as I am going to get right now. O and yes it is much more effective than the boyfriend line. Haha

Ha! How very canny of you. It's a lot more effective than "I've got a boyfriend", I'm sure.<br />
<br />
But why do you wear it out grocery shopping?