I was 36 years old. I was an over-the-road truck driver 20 yrs ago. Seeing things I have only dreamt of. I was making lots of money doing a job that thrilled me!
I lived deep in the country, had a greenhouse, land, barn,... so my downtime, days off were spent serving my passions, love of life.
I had many close friends which is rare and a blessed thing!
Here it is 2013, I am nothing like I was 20 yrs ago.
I wish I could go back and be who I was, and where I was.
On a postive note ... I had it once, I can get it again.
My next 20 yrs ... put what I learned 20 yrs ago with what I've learned in the past 20yrs... Wellll, no doubt about it... the next 20 yrs are going to be the best yet!!
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I was a OTR truck driver starting in 81 until 6 years ago also. I will say I don't want back and do that again. I don't regret driving a truck, I met lots of cool people, and saw everything in this country, and Canada had to offer. I also got hurt and srcrewed up my back, falling off a trailer,not the trailers fault.But I do wish I would have used a little more restraint in the spending of money I made.

huh... me too! I wish I had not spent the cash I had... as I drove the countryside. But so many cool things and all the great diners! I was a dump-bucket driver, hazmat... got blood poisoning from...? I had to quit due to my health, never been the same since. But for where I lived and my life... it was great!

Flatbed for me till I drove local then it was, Enddumps, RGN, Water trucks, and equipment operator. I loved driving but not I am disabled and can't do that no longer.