My Youth Has Been Wasted For Me....

I am 35,  I have no children, my relationship was destructive for 7 years and he has a new prettier, younger, slimmer gf now and I ended up heavily overweight, I have no money and don't know how to pay next month's rent. I found out that I couldn't have children the natural way. I am a mental health professional in training, but don't get paid, am living on benefits currently.
This is not how I wanted to live at that age. I am adventurous, I wanted to have travelled more, I wanted to have a house and children, a loving partner and a job. I wanted to be independent. But I made a mistake, I gave all this up for the wrong guy's lies.
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31-35, F
3 Responses Jan 15, 2011

I hear you. I am 33 and have no children plus I am also disappointed that I didn't pursue my passion earlier. It really is a painful thing and hard to let go of but it will pass and where one door closes another one opens. I also know what you mean by trying to follow your passion later in life it can be difficult sometimes but you are doing it .and for that you can be proud of. Keep going and stay strong.

I am sorry to hear that; but at least he isn't ruining your life. Like Tiffany said, we can reinvent our lives. I hope you find someone worthy of your love and build a terrific live with him.

Thank you Tiffany, I am trying :) Just as the saying goes "The things that don't kill me only make me stronger".