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My Dream Life

I'm 25. I dreamed of being a faithful husband and a loving father. With a house of my own and a family to play in the backyard. Not the American dream, but my dream. But I have not made progress towards my goals. I feel like a failure.
collegestag08 collegestag08 26-30, M 6 Responses Dec 26, 2011

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i'm 28, was hoping to have a long term relationship by this time planning for marriage and kids...but just got out of a 6 yr relationship and a rebound. thing NEVER go according to plan...this is called life :)

Awww.. that is really sweet. I just turned 25.. I am engaged to someone that lives far far away.. I have a college degree and unfortunately work as an administrative assistant.. I thought I would have been a manager and learned more about business to have my own by now. I am sad that I don't have kids and my fiance wants to wait like another 5 years or more.<br />
<br />
I guess the best things happen with patience and time my friend..!

i hope you achieve you dream someday, mine sounds pretty similar. annie xx

I'm standing in the same boat right next to you mate. From a very young age I had the same dream, nothing crazy, amazing or complicated just a place to put all my love and energy into. Time is still on our side.

You are still very young, it will happen... You are not a failure

Try being 26, single, no friends and still living at home.<br />
I am sure you are doing better then you think. 25 is very young still and there is no need to feel like you *should* be settled down. There's a lot of time left for all that.