Only 17 But She Walks The Streets So Mean.

I know people would say 'youve got your whole life ahead of you' and I agree but man, I feel like im spiraling into a black hole.

Ever since i was young, when I reached 17 I had planned to be in a leading grammar school..doing A Levels, I should be revising like mad and working to get 3, A'S. I should have contuined horse riding and gone on holiday all to get to my goal of going to africa for a year then to eventually live and work there.

Here I am, dropped out of school to start college in sept, got a new job.. lost my best friend and a lot of friends. Doing illegal things. Can feel depression coming on and feel absoutley hopeless.

I need to complete 2 years of work in order to get where I wanna be, ive set myself back a year and I just feel like I'm going in a circle.. that by dec, ill have dropped out and be in the same position.

Oh man, lifes beautiful!!!!
Nevaeh2013 Nevaeh2013
18-21, F
May 23, 2012