I Really Need Your Help Guys...

hey I'm a 23 years old girl I'm really depressed it's all started when i finished high school i was a really talented student always gets the highest marks i got scholarship in a private school and i graduated high school with a very good grades i always been the good nerd girl always did what my parents want me to , when i finished school i wanted to be a journalist and i writer but i couldn't study what i wanted instead i got a scholarship at computer engineering and i had to study it because we didn't have the money to study what i wanted and my parents wanted me to study it, that thing made me really depressed and it turned me to a complete failure i just stopped studying i just couldn't i failed a lot of my classes almost lost my scholarship got into a really bad financial problems because i had to pay for the classes i failed and ad to that a big guilt feeling because no one knew what was going on with me i lied to my parents because it will break their heart and make them judge me as a failure i got really depressed problems were getting bigger and bigger i isolated myself from everyone my family my friends..i don't have close friends anymore i had a really awful relationship which ended up of him leaving me for another girl in front of everyone i know with days i got sadder and sadder things were getting worse i kept trying and failing but i just cant take it anymore I'm tired of everything my marks at uni is getting worse and worse I'm in danger of loosing my scholarship i hate my life I'm hiding everything from my parents...i just don't want to live anymore for the last 6 months all what I've been doing is sleeping and crying all day long...i got into a faze where i just can't take it anymore and i don't care what happened to me or my future i really wanted to quit school but i can't coz i need to pay a lot of money to quit it and i don't have any money also i need to get a large amount of money to continue my uni i don't know what to do i really wanna end all this thing i wanna feel okay again...i really wish every night that i will never wake up because i got tired from my life i keep having a lot of problems every time a problem is solved i got more and more i don't think I'm capable of killing myself but i really wish i was died it will be better for everyone....i don't know what to do
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You should probably start antidepressants-particularly if seeing a therapist is a no-go (although I think a therapist would probably prescribe them for you). I don't know about Prozac. I did take it myself, but that was years ago in a hospital (I had a wreck). I've been on a few different antidepressants, and right now I take Zoloft. If you can't see a therapist you could go to your regular family doctor. He/she can prescribe antidepressants for you (or they may have another way of helping you).

thanks a lot