I'm A Loser

I was full of promises at school. I was a good student, and good at sciences, good at arts. I've started doing artistic stuff since quite young. But now I have a little job to beraly survive. I have been struggling about so many things I didn't have the time or the strenght to focus on let's say sane things, like making it in life. I still have time, but I really feel like a loser.
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2 Responses May 29, 2012

hey i started going to back to school beginning of last year at age 34 to become a dentist. i worked where i was making barely around 50k a year and could not handle it anymore. i remember going to decent university at 17 and dropping out by 18 to go working because i wanted to make money right away. Well, sadly i never really made any money and ended up working at a job i hate. I felt like such a loser. One day, it just came to me that i am the one who was making the life hard and not the world. So i decided to go back to school for 8 years to do what i felt was responsible thing to do instead of going to business again and failing. I have to say, i am much happier knowing that i took this path even though i have lost lot of time in younger years.
Its never too late to change paths if you don't like it. Dont listen to people who says life is just about learning and blah blah. Just change it if you don't like it and don't say things like you are a loser. Its the changes that make things happen and listening to stupid advice and just listening to stupid advice that gets you nowhere. Start finding something you might enjoy or would like to achieve and you will do well.
Good luck in your journey my friend....

To live is to learn. Some lessons are more difficult than others. We provide our own answers. Blah, blaw, blow, etc.,