Not At All.....

I'm 35 - not old by any means, but no longer young either.... I remember being a kid, thinking that those who were in their 30's had one foot in the grave, past it, too old to have fun anymore...  I had no concept of age as a child, but then who does... but whilst I had no concept of age, I also had dreams of what I would be doing in my 30's.... and none of them have come to fruition.
Don't get me wrong, I love my life, I have experienced a lot and am excited about the experiences yet to come... but, if being honest, I imagined myself being married, settled down with 2.4 children, white-picket fence and dog - OK, perhaps a little Mills and Boon that last bit, but yeah, I did think I would be married and have a family of my own... yet I am still single
Its funny where life's avenues and paths take us; for example I would have thought I would have traveled more; I wouldn't have thought me having a degree, a Masters and thinking about returning to education again.... let alone have a love for learning....
I would never have thought I would be a godmother to two beautiful little girls, nor that I would have friends as close as family
I would never have envisioned losing my dad at 24, or meeting my half brother at 23
I wouldn't have thought I would have done the jobs I've done, or have the interests I have developed....
so whilst I am not where I thought I would be at this age.... I am very happy with where I am and maybe its exactly where I am supposed to be!!
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I am 44 and nothing in my life has gone as planned by me. On good days ,I trust that Divine Goodness has another agenda rather than to make me happy.<br />
I agree with your attitude ..have found it is s choice I must make: either be miserable focusing on what is not the way I would prefer, or allow simple yet profound joys into my consciousness every moment...<br />
It is a battle in which parts of myself rebel and through my will, I must choose. Thank you for sharing the good parts of your life..they are priceless and worth focusing on!

Your very welcome and than you for taking the time not only to read but to comment..... i find, sometimes I need to put in back and white exactly how far I have come in life to really acknowledge my achievements..... life can get you down and i, like everyone can let it get in my way, but reflecting helps me put things in perspective - thank you again - have a great day!

i like your positive attitude!

we had many plans for this time of our life as we grew upm we worked hard so we had the money to go to school with out loans or granst and back then ther were very rare also, and we waorked hard to keep that 3.97 GPA on the old scale<br />
<br />
but death took that all away at age 19<br />
<br />
i have worked hard to make sure the dreams the one i love had for the others in our group to make sure they got there first house and they had the money for the kids to go on to school<br />
<br />
but now it is just me

Good way of dealing with it.We all have to dealwith life as it comes.If something REALLY isn't right , try to leave the situation. Luckily , you don't seem to need to do that.

Everybody is where they're supposed to be coz of the actions they've taken in their lives and I suppose coz of their personal circumstances too.<br />
<br />
That's what I believe anyway.<br />
<br />

F'zacally my friend, couldn't have said it better myself