I Am A Dreamer

I have wanted to be an actress for quite some time,but my parents show no support in that so I have gone to college in hopes of pleasing them by graduating with a degree in finance. I am about to break free of that hold they have over my every decision. I don't know if i'm really dreaming this time or if i'm actually going to leave and get my dream. Should I?
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1 Response Jun 17, 2012

This is weird but I think we might be the same person. First we have like 7 groups in common and two: YES TO EVERYTHING HERE!<br />
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I've always wanted to be an actress, ever since I knew there was such a thing when I was like...three years old. My parents have been a little more supportive, I've gone to acting camps and spent summers in both NY and LA (or anywhere else) doing commericials and modeling for magazines, but they made it pretty clear that if I didn't land anything promosing by the time I was 18, I would have to attend and graduate college (with a degree that has nothing to do with acting or the arts). <br />
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Obviously, I didn't land anything major so now I'm in college and pretty much miserable (going for Speech Pathology). It's not bad, but honestly college is just not my dream like it is for some people. I just don't think I could be happy doing anything that's not acting. :)