Age Age Age Dose It Get Better ?

God if only I had know that after 36 yrs of marriage I'm all alone now. I'm disabled, poor, and sad.
Will my life get better? Will I have happiness again? I know I can't have health back but maybe God please just maybe I pray.... I do want a better life and deserve one. I have to start now and do all I know to make it better. I'm trying, trying and praying thats all I know. Thats all I have. All I desire is Love. I'm putting this out in the universe for all to see claiming my wish... K
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Me again, Well the apartment fell thru and I was heart broken. HUD housing gave me the apt. and told me to give my 30 day notice & on the day I was to move in with my truck loaded They called me and said I couldn't have the apartment. Even though she said I passed the credit & background check 30 days prior. It seems so unfair. I thought if I moved to a better area I would feel better. I'm lucky I guess I was able to stay where I was. I need prayers & more prayers. I'm so depressed. K

Thank you both for the support. I'm doing much better. I have found a new Apartment in a new town near by. I love the location. I'm looking for a PT Job and I have joined a dating site all since I wrote that letter. It made me want to take action. I'm happier now. I'm reading Dr Wayne Dyers books now and they are wonderful. I have watched Joel & Joyce on TV too. Thanks 2 you both K

I can relate to your story, I was married for 31 years to a verbally abusive husband who did not love me and I have been separated now for almost 2 years but I'm starting to feel better and believe it or not there are more of us out there than you think. I have met other freinds who are on their own and we support and help each other and do special things for each other to cheer each other up and we pray for each other. Friend God is there and if we cry out to Him He will be our very present help in time of trouble. Do you have a good church you can go to? Also listening to Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer online are good places to start if you can't get around much. God bless you I will pray for you and if you ever want to talk or for me to pray for you, just email me okay!

I know how you feel.... I am always wishing I could have a do-over! There are no do-overs... we are just left with what we have and what we have is nothing like what we thought we would have, especially at this age! The only thing I have found to ease these feelings is to GIVE love away.. I give love to the older ones who have nothing left and are just waiting to die. I give my time and do for those who can't and it gives me love. It shows on their faces! You can feel it and see it when you help others who don't have love! The neat thing about it is that you get just as much love back! I do this when the feelings of loss and loneliness get the best of me. You really do get what you put out. Find someone or several lonesome old souls who have nothing left but to wait for their dying day and love them. You will be amazed how much you will be loved. Good luck and let me know how it goes.