25? Already?? Me???...

My age... I can't catch up with it... I left behind... I can't realise I'am 25. When I meet people of my age it seems strange to me.. to be their age!.. When a person is 28 it suddenly strikes me it is only 3 years difference.. and that people are supposed to be just like me... I once discovered one my professor was only 26. I knew he was young and about my age, but it struck me because he was so... so much 26 than me... so smart... so grown up...  And a lot of people are this way at this age. It is like my brain and mentality remained somewhere else... like they oppose and deny the real world... 
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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

Yes, that is surprising. While we grow up we realize there is little difference between children and adult mentality. Basically, the core child psyche is enveloped in knowledge and pretend/adapt mechanisms, which help live in a society, but greatly impair and limit it. It reminds me of a quote I heard somewhere: "creative adult is a child that survived". And the most terrifying thing is that time flies by at great speed, and we waste it, doing trivial things and being in a kind of dream state. I think that one thing that can wake us up and make us live fully instead of dreaming, is the awareness of our deaths. If we remember constantly at the back of our skulls that we have precious little time, practically no time at all, our lives will improve dramatically. I'm not sure, however, how a technique for implementing this mental change would look. There should be some kind of psychological anchor, repeated many time daily which would trigger our awareness, to further fix the new component into our everyday conscience. Maybe to feel the awareness we could remember how much years left till we turn 40. Or how much days left until our birthday. I don't know, I'm open for suggestions :) .

Good idea about children. That explains why I see people at work acting like in high school or something like that. Never realized that. As for the idea of death.. Probably, but on the other hand I often think about it and as I grow older it only makes me feel more miserable and less able to do anything. I start thinking that for a lot of things it is already too late. (When I come here the age box terrifies me as it doesn't correspond me any more, I had to change the age limits two years ago! I just didn't bother to do it and didn't even notice earlier. And I cannot believe it now). And thought of death of others scares me even more, it paralyzes me. Just lIke Woody Allen said "Well, that's essentially how I feel about life - full of loneliness, and misery, and suffering, and unhappiness, and it's all over much too quickly.”

Oops, forgot about one thing. I order for this to work you also have to give up attachments. Or else the awareness of death forces even more concentration on the self, and has bad influence. So, basically, the obsession about death should be changed by indifference, a sense of detachment from everything.