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A very young age, I decided I would be married by 22 and adopt two children.  I never have had a desire to have my own children

I would be living in either New York or London and working as an Arts Correspondent for respectively the New Yorker or The Guardian by the age of 26.  I would be writing literary theory and articles for Arts magazines, in reviews of theatre and novels. 

I would be living in a loft apartment and working on my Phd in Literary and theatre movements.

I am now 25, studying for a Masters in Human Rights Law, working in the same field, living with a partner in Belfast, in a first floor City Apartment.  And a great deal more happier. 

I had imagined this former life for years, and when it was presented to me in the terms of journalism, it was not for me, thus showing that we cannot truly know what is for us.


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I suppose the moral of the story is: by all means plan a path for yourself, but always be prepared to deviate from it. Some people I know formulate their plans and stick to them, even when it is obvious to everyone else that they are the wrong ones. They get there and finally realize their mistake, far too late.

I've found that my experiences have led me down very different paths than what I expected in life and have no regrets. One's ideal is not always the best or happiest path. Good to hear you've found your happy place :)

And that life can be pleasantly surprising!