I Would Have Liked to Have Accomplished More

Truthfully, I'd like to have finished my uni degree and begun my career. Or to have worked and travelled. but for reasons, known to me, I am where I am. Its not a bad place to be.

There is little I can do to change how I've spent my time.

But I will be bitterly dissapointed with myself if I don't get somewhere in the next 5 years.


chairmanmeow chairmanmeow
22-25, F
2 Responses Feb 11, 2009

That's pretty bad that you don't feel safe enough to be happy. :( I hope you find the stability you really seem to deed deftone.<br />

Hey, i hear ya there thats for sure.Just when i start to get comfortable in life , something happens and my comfort is ******** away. For example : Right now I have a wicked awesome job but slowly.. well not so slowly they are laying people off .Last week they laid 15 people off and out of 50 its alot. I own a pretty decent house but due to family problem... mostly my mom, were relocating to another city as soon as it gets sold. So generally my thoughts are " If things are going good then look out becouse the bad is just around the corner" Kind of the whole...if it sounds to good to be true it probably is... well thats generally my life.Anyway i Too am not where i would like to be right now. A little more stability and consitancy in my life would be nice.