I will never see a 30th or 40th wedding anniversary i have never been married and at 43 i strongly believe that i am not good enough to be that lucky I know theres lots wrong with me that is why ive never been however i want to know exactly why, im back with an ex now and we live together which is wonderful, but he got married to a woman he dated for less time then we dated back then ,,we went out for over 3 years and never got close..he was with her over a year and boom their hitched!! i have asked him why i wasnt good enough for that and he just says maybe its my insecurities i have ..however I know its got to be more than that , How and why cant i get past this!!
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I have been married and divorced twice. Marriage is not all it is cracked up to be. That being said, there are plenty of people who get married in their fifties, sixties, or even later. Hang in there!

Thanks Im trying !

Marriage is a waste of time be happy your not married you're just going to get heart broken when the divorce hits.

I know alot of people say its better not to be but for me i just always hoped i would grow old with someone.

You can grow old with someone without needing to get married. It is all in the heart, not a piece of paper.