Got laid off, can't find a job, family thinks I suck. Time to check "out"
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6 Responses Aug 16, 2014

My Mom got laid off a year ago and I never thought she sucked but she felt the same way as you. Idk your family or you but I do know that my mom felt the same way as you did and my family never thought she sucked. Hang in there, the job market sucks! Took my mom months to find another job.

Dnt beat yourself up. Just keep looking n filling out apps even if its something u dnt wanna do maybe u need incone

That's a tough break. My husband isn't working right now either. Your value is not defined by your job. You are valuable & worthwhile just b/c you are human. You have something to contribute to this world. You have to believe that. Better times are ahead.

I like that Abby. Very nice and agreed

I know you're in a bad place right now. I'm also unemployed and having trouble finding work. My kids are what make me push on. Be strong. Better days will come.

never check out. I tried to when I was 18 and have had a lot of fun since. Good times and some not so good. If you check out you will make more people sad than you could ever think.

what do you mean check out? it better not be what I think it is.