Stuck in a bad situation. Got out of the Navy with a medical discharge for service connected mental illness, I am disabled. I am 24, living at home taking care of my Mom who has parkinson's and diabetes and I have no motivation left for my life. I see no point of trying to date or get a job, who would want me for anything anyways. I can't even get a job.
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Thank you for serving. I'm sorry you are going through a rough time.

Thanks for the input everyone. It's hard to see situations sometimes through only your own perspective. I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder if anyone wanted to know. Cognitive behavioral therapy and drug therapy have been unsuccessful for me, but I'm getting better somehow on my own.

Are you in any support groups? Although I've found this site totally like a support group. It helps to get your story out there. Online therapy for free๐Ÿ˜‰ u just have to keep talking about it. It does help

Don't be so hard on yourself. Taking care of mom has it's rewards. Means you're a caring man who has more understanding than someone twice his age. This site has helped me a lot. I've met many great ppl here who support the hell out of me. Can you go back to school for something? Volunteer to help kids local in your area? Feel good stuff that gets u out of the house. Hang in there ๐Ÿ˜‰

It's not easy. She isn't being humble about this at all, and she likes to blow her disability money on useless collectibles while I foot all of my bills and more than enough of hers. I'm not a greedy or self centered person, but I can't have my own life. When she's gone I'll have nothing.

Dude, bummer. I am so sad for you. What sort of prognosis do you have? Is there the possibilty that treatment will be affective and you will be able to lead a fulfilling life?